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Blog Banter: Boffman22’s Memorable Gaming Moments

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playermodelashx.jpg I don’t really consider myself that old, so I can’t recall playing any pong or even atari: therefore, my old school most memorable moment was getting the NES for Christmas from my grandma when I was 4. The first game I owned, besides Super Mario Bros., was Popeye. That Christmas morning I played Popeye for hours not caring that I had other presents to open, they were probably socks anyway. This was the start of my addiction.

A more recent memorable moment in gaming was in college when my roomates and I first learned how to use system link on the xbox and hooked up an xbox in 2 different rooms on 2 different TVs. We played Halo for 16 hrs straight, pausing for 30 secs max for bathroom breaks, if were even aware we had to go. We even left the pizza man at the door for at least 5 mins, tuning everything out except the rants from the next bedroom over. -BSB boffman

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