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gamertag belpers

Welcome from the Boom Stick Brigade! You’ve found the official site for the Halo 3 clan, the Boom Stick Brigade.

This is it! This is where it all starts… this is the beginning documentation of the rants and raves of gamertag’s belpers and boffman22. Yep… a virtual look inside our dorky, twisted, Halo 3 absorbed minds. It’s also a home base for gamers who play with a sense of fun, honor, integrity, blah, blah, and blah. So, we hope you find something worth your entertainment here, visit often, and maybe even meet other fun people you’ll enjoy gaming with too.

Before we start with our first blog we thought we’d give you a little background on how all this came about… belpers and boffman22 were born in ’72 & ’81 respectively… now fast forward to a month ago when I stumbled across the blog of WordPress user bs angel, on her blog. This is where I found a lot of cool info about Halo 3, as well as a link to the clan TTL Gunslingers. After a little research I made a request to join their clan, but the ranks were full and I still found myself clanless, however a few gamer friends richer. What vibed with me about this group of gamers was these weren’t just any gamers… definitely not the typical mindless punks who seem to play with the goal of irritating other players, proving they only use 1% of their brain, or showing how ignorant humans can be… no these gamers were nothing like that. These guys played for fun, played with integrity, and played with respect to everyone having a great experience win or lose. I appreciate them for their code of ethics and style of gameplay. They did however recognize me as an ally to their clan, and that’s when it hit me. Why should I be an ally representing myself… why not an entirely new clan with similar values. I mean hey, I’m an entrepreneur, and my best gaming buddy is also my business partner, so it was only natural, it only made the most sense, that we start our own clan.

So I called my best gaming buddy, boffman22, and we decided we’d start our own clan of like-minded gamers. What about a name? That’s a big deal you know! Well boffman22 is a big fan of the gravity hammer, which we always refer to as the boom stick cuz of that cool BOOOOOM! sound it makes every time you swing it. Well, that seemed to hit us right over the head <see what I did there with the pun> and a clan name was born.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket<– there’s our entire clan right there!

So thanks to Anne Haynes, BS Angel, TTL Gunslingers, WordPress, and belpers’ & boffman22’s wives for helping us have the courage to do something like this. Note: Anne Haynes really started this all by directing us to WordPress in the first place for our business… so thanks Anne, and a big shout out to you Big Guy Little Guy Promotions!

And most of all, thanks to you for stopping by and checking out our community!

Game on, bish!

BSB belpers

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