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Blog Banter: I love you Intellivision!

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You remember your first kiss? Not the peck on the cheek you got in kindergarten from the crush who was happy you were the fastest speller at your turn on the chalkboard… the other one… the first really wet one. Yes! That one! So do I… and thank you Lilly Uhler, one of the hottest most sexy human beings to walk this earth… I’ll never forget you as long as I live. You hold that special place in my heart right next to Intellivision!

What?! Yep, remember Intellivision? If I think back to my most memorable gaming experience, nothing stands out more than my life with Intellivision! I think I got my first system when I was 8 years old, and I thought my dad brought some new space age technology home to me. I fell in love!


While some of my friends were getting their Atari systems and bragging about their pac man, asteroids, centipede, blah blah blah… I was the sole gamer playing my state-of-the-art graphics system Intellivision! And that’s where many of my boy-to-manhood lessons happened. My love for sports, my lust for sci-fi, my affair with space, my thrill for speed and drifting, my skills with a poker face, and my raw passion for challenges in the pixelated realms of my boob tube. Mmmmmm this was surely the purpose of life. I get a rush thinking about it! For what seemed like an eternity I dazzled my grade-school friends with my disc & numeric pad wielding Intellivision gamer skills.


Eventually came real sports, girls, college, marriage, kids, jobs, mortgages, etc… and like so many memories from the past, my Intellivision was left behind to collect dust. And like my game systems, my time for and love of video gaming was gone, but not forgotten.

Then one day… many years later, out of nowhere, like the soft wet lips of one beautiful Lilly Uhler so many years before, I met Goldeneye on the N64… coincidently, it was even today’s very own boffman22 and his group of high school buddies that introduced me to and kept me up late so many nights in the back room at Blockbuster Video store where we’d play quad split screen matches for hours on end on a 19″ tv… and i thought that was heaven!


Today, I roll solo (that’s right… no split screens allowed!) with my 42 inches of hd lcd spartan 117… my modern day heaven! And you know what I wonder..? How friggin’ cool is it going to be when I look back and laugh at the old school way we’re playing today!

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